Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Mini New Yorker and the Art of commuting and Fashion Olympics...

So I have been commuting for a week into London and I clearly have not grasped this fine art....! Well I decided as I had done so well on Monday and Tuesday I would try and be even smarter by trying to find completely free parking so on Wednesday I decided I would drive to a different station where I thought there would be off road parking I'm sure everyone has had the same idea but I thought I could park then walk! Well the machine for the parking didn't work so I thought would find another one and from the machine back to my car I lost my debit card! I tried to find it I literally turned my car upside down! I then ran around the car park but couldn't find it! I wandered around- as panic set in I could feel my self welling up and then a nice lady stopped to try and help me but I couldn't stop my self wailing  about how I had lost my card etc! Any way after a few mins I think she wandered off as I flapped! I ask the police officers- nothing! I asked the ticket office they were most unhelpful! While I was wandering around I accidentally speed dialed my mum and I have to say she really knew what she was doing and managed to get my ticket after driving to two towns to sort it out! I think I was about 3 hours late and very embarrassed and flustered not a good impression! I think I will be looking to move very soon can't be dealing with this and with 6 am starts I think it's time we moved! Lol!

It's now Friday and I am on my way back to go back to my sunny home (actually its pitch black) to go out with my future parent in laws (it's less than 4 month-Eeek) I had to run through the maze of London under grounds and tube stations to get all the quick connecting trains. I was still a bit late even after running in heels (6 inches I might add which is a pretty mean feet...ba ba boom tisssssh-sorry lol!!)

I have to say, you even have to get use to the heat down in the under ground....as soon as you step into the cart it is suddenly like a sauna. I felt weird as I started to pull my layers off to stop my self melting. It doesn't help when some silly person shuts the only open window on the train....why would you do that......? why? The thing is I create my outfits as one piece so by taking off my layers ie. scarf, coat, jumper etc it just looks like I couldn't be bothered to get dressed properly lol!! The other thing is that no matter how hard I try not to get stuck next to someone who has really bad bo I always seem to end up with their smelly armpits right in my face....this is definitely a hazard of being under 5 foot 4...!!! Bio-hazard....lol!!!

The other thing about commuting is that when you are in a hurry and you have tourists not knowing where they are going with masses amounts of huge luggage cases it's like an obstacle course or hurdles. I feel like I am getting ready for the Fashion Olympics....right I am off so tooodlesss  xxxx