Monday, 7 May 2012

Mini New Yorker.....One not to become a shopaholic

So I have been (Internet) window shopping and making wish lists on my pinterest. I have got so addicted but it great as its like a 21st century wish list that you used to write on a scrap of paper which you would no doubt loose at a later date. I have even started putting together Christmas present list for my family which is handy as I can then remember where I saw things...last Christmas I was copying links into a word document by the time I went present shopping I had forgotten all about the list as I am the most forgetful person alive .

I have also banded my self from going into shops unless I know I have a budget other wise I seem to come out with the whole shop and that's not an exaggeration. I think I have a slight problem...! However I'm not as bad as Rebecca Bloomwood particularly when she smashes the massive ice cube with a stiletto which has a frozen credit card in it. Although I think I have certainly come close to that a few years ago.

I have got better over the years and now being married is kind of like having a personal bank manager. When you get a joint account you have to be more considerate of how much you spend. So this has worked in my favour. So I haven't bought loads recently but I have become quite obsessed with wearing outrageous tights at work so when I was considering spending £40 on a pair of tights I knew I had a bit of an issue.

So no smashing ice cubes although it looked like so much fun.... any way off to find zebra tights.... tooodles xxx