Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Isle of Wight Festival 2010

I had never been to a festival until 2010 when I went with my hubby (then boyfriend) but I have to say it was brilliant, I thought it was an amazing line up the year we went. It was Sir Paul McCartney, Pink, Jay Z, Kanye West and Alicia Keys, Florence and The Machine and several others. We didn't stay over night or camp because my in-laws live on the IOW which meant warm showers, cosy bed and decent food!!! They best way to do a festival, being able to freshen up and eat some nice food. Being a British Festival there is always mud involved but not as bad as Glasto-where you could mud wrestle-lol!!

I really enjoyed watching Pink because I grew up listening to her and loved her songs and dancing around my room (like a mad women) to her music-memories. Her entrance was amazing she flew across the crowd after coming out of this big box and then did acrobats across the crowd. I had also only ever seen one band live which was Top Loader when I was younger so seeing loads of people performing was great,

It was then Jay-Z, Kanye West and Alicia Keys who did Empire State of Mind and it was brilliant. I actually forgot we saw Kanye West perform as well-cool!! I only remembered after watching one of the videos. We also saw Sir Paul McCartney play and after he finished his set the whole crowd sang Hey Jude back at him and he came back on stage which was brilliant and sang a few more songs.

I think we also watched the Euro's on a big screen while we were there!! I think we didn't did well.

My out fits I did think about before I went, I layered looks so I kept warm but still looked stylish. I wore my stripey dress with a black waterfall cardigan, with a wide belt, a wide brimmed hat (with a big flower) which we shared over the two days and wellies-Obv's they are pretty mandatory at a British Festival!! The Second day I wore my spotty dress and a matching cardigan in bright blue, bright blue shell earrings and a blue head scarf. I also bought a flower head-dress which was pink roses. I think I did the festival look fairly well. As you can tell I was very slim and looked less ill in these pics, it was 2 years before I was diagnosed in 2012. On they way back on the ferry we saw some interesting sights-let's leave it at that!!

I think then next time I will actually get a few specific out fits for it because these were just out fits I had put together from my wardrobe. I think the only surviving item I still have is that blue cardigan, the rest got donated over the years.

I have heard a rumour that the Bestival which was held on the IOW is being moved to Lulworth which only a few miles from us which would be amazing and it's a fancy dress festival which would be perfect for this area because we dress up for almost any opportunity or event!!

Throwback to 2010, Toodles XX

Monday, 26 December 2016

What a Year 2016......Round up of the years events

So this year has been a bit of a crazy year with some amazing things happening and some not so great things. Well I thought we would do a round up of the year. See how much has changed in one year and predict what the 2017 has to offer.

January and February

So at the beginning of the year we were a bit frustrated because we had bought a house and we had wanted to be in the Christmas of 2015 but it took a lot longer to get into the house than we had thought. I had then wanted to do Valentines in the new place but we eventually moved in on the 26th of February. It was then just a case of unpacking and sorting the house out.


Our birthdays was the next big thing, with it being my 30th Birthday, I had decided I was going to have a big party but for various reasons I decided to cancel it in the end. So Hubby and I went to Longleat which isn't too far from us. We went through the enclosure bit which was brilliant but I can't wait to go on a proper safari one day. I also got the lovely book I had wanted for ages from hubby too. I also had a little family get together to celebrate which was lovely.


We cooked Easter dinner for hubbies parents, which was great. I had to sit down and do a lot of the prep at the table so I didn't get tired but it worked out well. We did a big joint of lamb and it it was the first time we had cooked for any one else at our new house that was fun.


I was really looking forward to going to Cyprus to my brother-in-laws and sister-in-law's wedding. Unfortunately I got a large clot in my arm (after a surgery-one of many) which basically went from my elbow up to my collar bone. So I couldn't fly and so I had to stay at home but my mum visited our new house. We had a stay-cation which actually was lovely we went out and about, did a bit of shopping, had some great food and enjoyed sitting in the garden. Quite delightful really,  just would have been nice to have had a swimming pool.


It was our 5th Wedding Anniversary and we went for a lovely meal at Hix. We also gave each other wooden gifts which were very cute. I got a personalised ring box and I bought hubby a wooden watch which is now becoming the in thing to have. We like to do unique and quirky gifts to each other which we can look at and remember each year.


July and August

It was the summer holidays and I had people round for afternoon tea party which was meant to be a garden party but as I live in England, it had to be moved in side because it rained. I did a bit of painting over the summer and just pottered about. We went to visit a few beach's near by which was lovely.


Well what can I say about September, than it was the best month of this year because  this was when I got my called for a Kidney Transplant. I was so shocked I didn't even think it would be the call. it was just over a year on the list. I had just got my head round it being a couple more years on the list. I was just so over whelmed by it all. I actually saw my kidney in its bag go past and I just burst into tears. It had been many years (4 to be exact when I was first told I would need one)  of just talking about it in a hypothetical way but then it actually happened. I felt well pretty quickly and I was like oh this is how normal people feel!! I didn't realised how ill I really felt until I felt better. My body just ached and everything hurt all the time. I never felt comfortable in my own body. Crazy to think!
October, November and December

This has been my recovery period, I have done a few crafts and really enjoyed having the time to relax and really make the most of the festive season. I don't think I will be making handmade cards next year and home made chutney or all the labels for each present that took bloody ages. Mostly though I have been having check ups to make sure there is no rejection.


Both Christmases were lovely I am so happy I can actually enjoy them properly this year and all the food and festivities. I count my blessings that have happened to me this year and I am looking forward to what next year holds. maybe a few more ups than downs please though.

That's my year in a nut shell.....!

Toodles XX


BLOGMAS....Day 24 Look Book (bit late-soz)

I decided to do a look book through out Blogmas to show some of my out fits. They won't all be festive and some will be for illustration purposes, like for example showing what I will be wearing on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

Disclaimer: By no means am I saying that:
A) I am model 
B) That these are all serious outfits 
C) That these are professional shoots 

because they are not any of the above! These pics are a bit of fun to see what crazy combinations I wear through out Blogmas!! Some may not be to every ones taste and that's ok, 'cos I'm wearing it!! Also for the last 4 years I have mostly worn comfy clothes that aren't tight so I don't feel sick. 

This is my chance to:
A)Get my #festivegeekon !
B) Be a little more Glamorous!
C) Have fun with my clothes! 

Right, now we have that out of the way, we can now laugh at my array of festive knit wear and dazzling array of looks I have pulled off in one month!! I think that it's self is an achievement. My first look was actually a few days before December and Blogmas but I actually thought it was a cute look so I have included it. I am wearing some woolly leggings with reindeer and Christmas trees on them. They are really comfy but the elastic has gone on the waist so I needed to fix them. I then paired this with a festive jumper from last year which I really like, it's just cute and festive-the look I was going for. I then paired it with my long boots which does make it look at bit more sensible I think! I then wore my Cape coat/ or might have been my red coat. This was an out fit to go on a walk with a friend, she did say dress warm! I was also wearing my Wild Berry MUA lipstick-fav shade at the mo!!

 The second look is me off to the hospital to get my check up done for my transplant. So I wore my amazing jumper that I found in primark which reminds me of a scarf and hat that my gran knitted for me, made out of the same wool (Pic to the left)! I was feeling nostalgic (I miss the 90's) when I bought that jumper, I think it was because I was with my mum too. So I paired the jumper with jumper with a pink pashmina, a pink sparkly bobble hat and my cape coat (it will make many appearances.) I think I am wearing a pink lipstick but i can't remember which one. (I would never make a good beauty blogger.) 

This look was my high wasted bright red trousers (which are a little tight at the mo) with a black roll neck jumper tucked in and my cape coat over the top. I had my Disney handbag (carry on bag-OK I know it's massive.) I am wearing my MUA Shade 13-but I think it should be called post box red or Santa red (just my opinion!!) I wore this out fit to post my Christmas cards (they actually didn't fit in this letter box so I had to take them to the post office round the corner!) I was also wearing my little black ankle boots (which will be in most pics!)
I look slightly dishevelled in this pic because I had been wrestling with the tree outside, to get all the bugs off it. I am wearing my long cardigan with a faux fur trim on the collar with a plum roll neck jumper underneath and my fawn coloured skirt which has a bit of a flare to it. I had on some thick woolly tight and my long boots. I also had snow flake dangly earrings but you can't see them here. I wanted to be warm but also wear something practical so I could help get the tree in the car. (which was quite a mission.)

 : These books are really lovely and have some great advice to be more glamorous and sophisticated which I will be using more from Jan but they are a good read now. I don't really think I can say that Christmas leggings in different patterns and Christmas Jumper really falls into that category. I was given the little book, which hmmmm.........I'm not sure if they were saying I needed a bit of help or that because I looked glam, I would like the book. Any way they are lovely book either way.

So these book don't cover festive costumes and crazy festive head wear!! So I'm surprised there's not more crazy festive out fits already. OK, I may have spoken to soon, Well really? What else can I wear while watching a festive film? The only option is my Christmas Pudding Onsie (that I used to wear to dialysis and I would get told off because it was July!!) It's so warm and toasty and it's great to be all cosy while watching some of my top 10 Christmas films!!

This was the out fit I wore for my works Christmas meal, which I hadn't really thought about because if I had spilt anything down it (quite likely to happen-I'm very clumsy) this is one of the out fits I wanted to wear in the IOW for our Christmas day there. I am wearing a very pretty dress (given to me by my lovely mother-in-law) I paired it with some lovely peal jewellery set, necklace and earrings (which I bought for a cruise I never got to go on because I ended up in hospital with an infection from my peritoneal dialysis😭!) So I have started wearing it as part of my fancy going out/special occasion jewellery set and I have another set which is defiantly more blingy!!                                                                      

So this obviously is a Mrs Claus costume which I got for a photo shoot with hubby. I bought it from Poundland (it was £7 but thought that was pretty good!!) I think it's a pretend/faux velvet material which makes it look a bit prettier that the more felt material, the other costumes were made of. This costume had 3 parts to it, the tiny hat which actually fit my head (which is amazing because I have a tiny head and normally have to wear kids hats!) The cape which went over the shoulders and then the v.v.v short dress which if you were actually going to wear this out you will need shorts underneath. I just wore black fleecy tights and I would probably wear my patent black vintage style school shoes that I have or boots. I then put loads of blusher to give me very rosy cheeks and a bright red lip MUA Shade 13 (Santa red/Rudolph red!) I paired that with gold eye shimmer and a glittery powder from body shop which gives you a festive shimmer!!


 : This out fit was for a festive walk on the IOW at my parent in-laws. I decided this was the best option (that I had brought with me) for going on a walk. I have my red 'let it snow' jumper on with my red snow man woolly leggings, my red and maroon hat and a red scarf with my cape coat and my little black ankle boots (which are not suitable walking across wet grass and muddy paths and fields-oops!) Hubby also got in on the action with festive jumper on a Christmas walk. (This is one of my favourite pics from the whole of the festive season so far!)


Cinderella and Prince Charming- New Years Eve Costumes. These are pretty cool and I can't wait to go out on NYE now. I had wanted to go as a Disney Princess since last year when we went as minions (which was great fun but it took about a week to get the yellow face paint off-people actually asked me if I was OK because they thought I had jaundices!)

My last out fit is my Christmas day look. I decided I would go glamorous in the end, I am wearing my sparkly dress which is dark blue with silver glitter and tiny white beads on and then glittery silver tights and my patent shoes but as we are in side I probably won't need those. I may take my little cream fluffy jacket or a cardigan, as the dress at the back is basically backless with a little panel down the centre. I will defiantly have a red lip and very shimmer eye make up. I will also be sporting a Christmas Santa hat.

I have really enjoyed Blogmas but next year I will have written a lot of the blogs I think before December so I have more time to enjoy it and do more activities. I think I have done a bit of a mixture of different types of blogs. As it was my first Blogmas, I have done alright apart from the occasional late blog upload!!

I know 2017 is going to be a good year and I am actually really looking forward to it now. I think when you've been ill for a fairly long time you just see the years slip by but now I see it as new opportunities.

Thanks to all of those who have read my blogs, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Toodles to 2016 Hello 2017 XX

Friday, 23 December 2016

BLOGMAS...Day 23 New Year Prince Charming and Cinderella Photo shoot


This is a going to be a very short blog as it's way past my bed time being a Princess, I have to be careful as I might change back into normal clothes and my carriage might turn back into a pumpkin. This is for our New Years Eve costume but I thought it might be quite fun to try on the costumes and do a mini shoot because on New Year Eve we probably won't have time to do that as Hubby is watching the footy while I get ready. It was a very quick shoot because I had some technical issues with my tripod and my IPhone (in that I broke the bit that hold the IPhone in place, however I just worked out it can still hold my big camera-result!) I will get some better pics on New Year when I am fully made up!!

I have no make up on in this picture and my hair is all over the place-I promise I will look less dishevelled for New Year (I have been wrapping presents all day so not particularly glam). I will also be wear my cream little shrug jacket because as I'm sure you can see in these pics my arms are a quite big so will be covering them up (plus it will keep me warm as the dress is very thin. Hubby looks dashing as ever-he actually is my real Prince Charming!!

Right I am off to bed so Toodles my little snowflakes XX

PS tomorrow is Christmas eve so we are travelling to my mums in Oxfordshire so might be a late one again (sorry!)

Thursday, 22 December 2016

BLOGMAS...Day 22 Kirstie's Handmade Christmas review (ep3)

Disclosure: These pics are from my TV on pause. These pictures are courtesy of Channel 4 and Raise the Roof Productions.


So this was Kirstie's last show 😭 ! She was in the capital, London-Columbia Road. It looked so festive with all the beautiful lights and festive shop windows. My family would go to London at Christmas time, to go and look at all the lights and windows of all the big department stores. One year we had missed seeing Santa but my brother and I saw him sitting on a coach, so my mum and dad told me he was heading to Eastbourne where my grandpa used to live and where we were going the next day. We then got to Eastbourne the next day and there he was! It was bit of a moment where I think my mum and dad had to think on their feet! I think that was the same trip where we went to Hamleys and we spent loads of money on sweets and then proceeded to eat them in the back of my dad's Jeep Cherokee after being told we would ruin our dinner-oops!

Right any way enough about my childhood! Kirstie's next competitions were: 

Handmade tree decorations, winner: Anbrian- Nutcracker decoration.
Judge: Retail guru, Sally Bendelow for Not on the High Street.
  1. Anbrian (unsure of spelling)- degree in jewelry design, metal decoration made of copper and brass with rivet hinges, Nutcracker and fairy. These were layers that were soldered together. I liked this decoration and actually looking at them again I think they deserved the win.
  2. Kerry-loves sparkle, embroidered hoop decoration. Different festive decorations with multi layers.
  3. Charlotte-Ceramic designer, makes 2D marbled baubles. This is a very cute decoration which I would love to make! 
  4. Julia-Glassblower, makes individual glass baubles which are all made by hand. Very impressive! I've tried glassblowing and nearly passed out blowing the glass bubble! 
Floral Art competition, winner: Lizzy-Glittery arch way
Judge: Nick Southern-florist who's has worked with Alexander McQueen

I personally think that all these pieces could be in fashion magazines like Vogue-all stunning designs.
  1. Jo-Florist from Henley-on-Thames (my home town where I grew up) who has worked with Kate Moss and Princess Beatrice. She designed a 2 tier chandelier, with mini milk bottles. 
  2. Lizzy-Sparkly arch way, she used glitter and snow spray, more was more. It was stunning-worthy winner! 
  3. Gabby-Whimsical table garland and gold leaf, using succulents.
  4. Davide- French florist, loves drama, opulence, he uses gold spray on different fruits to create glamour. He used an urn for his arrangement.
Christmas dish competition winner: Ronnie-stuffed roast chicken.
Judge: Jimmy Lee-award winning chef, Cantonese restaurant.
  1. Natalie-Persian dish, from Iran braised turkey with pomegranate. Looked good.
  2. Karine (unsure of correct spelling) - Duck a l'Orange with influences from Cameroon, French and Carribbean. Had special ingredients from Cameroon. 
  3. Daray- Nigerian lamb shank with Nigerian spices and flavours. 
  4. Ronnie-Filipino roast chicken stuffed with pork mince, chorizo, olives, egg and carrots. With a special sauce which is reduced soya sauce and lemonade.

Other crafts Kirstie did were:
  1. Making Irish Cream- this makes a good edible gift not too expensive because there isn't huge amounts of alcohol in it. 
  2. Hand Crafted Chef knives- for the Foody in your life, these are expensive but a very thoughtful gift if you know some one who loves cooking (like me and my hubby-maybe next year I can go and make him some😉) 
  3. Sugar Crafts- making sugar flowers for festive cakes.
  4. Personalised appliqué napkins done on sewing machine but could be done by hand (craft for next year for me next year) 
Over all there were some great crafts, I would love to try out and some amazing places I would love to visit next Christmas-bit late for this Christmas!! I loved the series and I might even apply next year, best get making!!

Right night night, my little snowman Toodles xx

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

BLOGMAS...Day 21 Making and decorating a ginger bread house

 So you may think that's not really the Pinterest look, well no (not sure who all the these professional Pinterester's are but this is my attempt!!) I think I pretty please considering my hands are killing me and I can't really do that much at tho mo! 

(A few days ago) 

OK slight issue today, well yesterday. I had a bit of a disaster with trying to do a shopping haul for my mum's and hubby's stocking. So basically no shopping for me and instead, I went to lunch instead with my mum but it mean's that I don't have a blog for today so I have had to change it to the ginger bread house decorating (which I am about to go and do!!) The other thing is that when I got home from Oxfordshire, I was on my road walking back to our house and then I suddenly slipped on the pavement. My hubby and slipped on the same bit of pavement last week. So typing is slightly difficult and painful because when I fell and I put both my hand out so they got the brunt of the fall (second injury of Blogmas.)

So, I have seen sooooo many people doing these over the years and I really wanted to do one. This year felt like the perfect time to give it a go. The first thing I would say though always check the box for what is and isn't included. Yep an EPIC fail, I didn't read the box and became a unstuck (lol) when I realised that the icing sugar to glue the whole thing together wasn't in the box-Rubbish!! So I had to abandon the ginger bread house until today (Sunday) when Hubby and I could make it together with all the correct ingredients. This ginger bread house was from Lidl- they have loads of great food gifts and festive food to put on the shopping list.


 : So in the end, I ended up making and decorating  the GBH with my lovely friend and her daughter! The box contains all the panels for the house, some decoration and sweets to create a festive GBH. So we got all the pieces out and we placed the base on a square plate. We then mixed the icing to start pipping using my piping bag I bought years ago (I would actually love metal tips for the piping bag right about now.) It's all about team work!! Also I would say make your icing mixture thicker than the instructions say so it's easier to pipe! We made it look snowy with lots of sweets on the house (mostly decorated by my friends daughter.) She did a great job and my friend and I did the structure of the GBH. This my fist every attempt at doing one so, the fact it stayed up was an achievement!

It's a fun festive craft and great do do with children but be prepared to get covered head to toe in icing sugar mixture. 

Toodles my little gingerbread houses XX 

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

BLOGMAS...,Day 20 Christmas Eve Box (of goodies)

 : So you probably have heard of these, they vary from each one. So a Christmas Eve box is a box fun things to do, play, wear, eat and generally enjoy. So I did a bit of research and I think I have made my own version which is more bespoke for my family.

So I will be at my mums for Christmas Eve, so it will be my self, hubby, my brother and mum. So I have decide to include:
  1. One fondue set with mini forks and bars of chocolate- this is to melt chocolate and dip different fruits in the chocolate. I think I will buy strawberries, pears, apples and melon. My hubby loves chocolate and I thought it would be a naughty little treat to enjoy once all the work is done! I also included sprinkles and mini marshmallows to dip into after the chocolate!
  2. Scavenger hunt-candy cane clues- so I have written clues to find the next candy with the next clue to eventually lead to a price at the end and the first one to crack all the clues wins the surprise at the end! So on your marks get set............go! 
  3. Christmas Quiz-a fun festive quiz to play while we have some time to relax.
  4. Pictionary- I have brought some white boards to play this and I thought this would be a great fun game to play. This is probably my favourite game because it's timed and it gets very funny and frantic. 
  5. Who am I ? Game- I have put postit notes as well which you have a character or festive item on it stuck to your head and you have to guess with yes and no questions, again a great game to be silly and get in the festive mood!
  6. Christmas films- some of my top ten Christmas films to watch while we are winding down.
  7. Santa hats- just a fun festive silly thing to wear while we are doing our games and eating our fondue.
I hope that we will all have fun and get in the festive spirit! This is all before possibly going to midnight mass. This year I feel that it's important to take time to think about those who are no longer with us like my late dad and my kidney donor who I am eternally grateful to. 

Right I'm off to eat dinner Toodles my little Candy Canes XX

Monday, 19 December 2016

BLOGMAS...Day 19 Stocking stuffers and Main presents for Hubby

Before I start Hubby isn't reading this blog because I've told him that I writing about his presents, so I haven't ruined the surprise.

So I thought I would show you what I decided to get hubby for his main present and stocking fillers. We did set a budget for both things this year as I had only been working part time and I'm obviously off work till Jan so money is a bit of a squeeze and we have lots of people to buy for so we normally limit presents to each other or put most of what we would have spent towards a holiday (well when we tried to go on holiday!)

So this year we decided to do stocking to each other (which I still need to make-ummm oops!)  I might have to do that tomorrow earlier in the day! Any way, my hubby is quite chilled about presents, he loves chocolate and beer! So gotta give hubby what he wants!

So for his stocking I decided to get him:

  1. Rudolf Reward Craft beer-I thought as the was Christmas themed this would be a cute stocking filler. I got it from Lidl, the price wasn't that bad for the size of it which made it a perfect stocking stuffer present.
  2. 30 minute meal mini cook book- I thought this would be good on an evening when hubby finishes late or we are out all day and instead of ordering take away we could use this quick meal cook book. Plus its's small so you good take this with you if you were going self catering on holiday.
  3. Le Grande fromage- is a a cheese cutter in the shape of a mouse trap with I thought was quite funny because my nickname is mouse and there is an on going joke in the family. So I thought this would make him laugh its a bit of a silly present really.
  4. Panattoni-this is a chocolate one because I know he prefers chocolate to more dried fruit based things.Plus it was so festive and cute in its's little box, plus they are yummy.
  5. Chocolate coins- they are a tradition on my side of the family on stockings. I prefer the silver coins because they have white chocolate in them,
  6. Festive mug-I bought him as festive mug so he can enjoy a nice coffee in it through out the rest of December. I have put the coins in side to make it look cuter.
  7. Scottish Shortbread- I thought this was a cute tin and i know he likes short bread and I thought as a Sunday afternoon snack with a nice cup of tea or coffee.
  8. Bayles and Harding- Body stuff which I thought he could use for travelling (when we are off on our holidays)
  9. Jazzie- a gaint chocolate button thing with sprinkles all over it. I thought this was fun and different to normal chocolate bars. 
  10. Steaming Hot socks- I thought these very cute and highly appropriate, again very traditional to get socks in your stocking. 
  11. Picture Frame- the plan is to print off one of our Santa shoot pics and put it in there as a fun moment from this Blogmas I wanted us both to remember.
  12. I think I may get him a few more bits of chocolate from Poundland probably, some sort of Santa chocolate or pop back into Lidl because they have a great range.
So his main present is a crate of Craft Beer- Best of British which I got from Not On The High Street. Which is where I tend to get quite a few of his main presents because they are unusual gifts or hand made or personalised. He has said he thought I was very cute when I got him the crate of beers a few years ago so I think that was a subtle hint to me to get him the same again. So at least I know he will like that.

The second main present is a really nice jumper which has a lovely collar which I think will look great on him. It's navy blue because he only likes to wear a few colours but I know he will like this one. I'm hoping in the New Year to go shopping with him to get more of these because I think he will look very handsome in it. 

We  are then going to treat our selves to a washing machine in January so that's a big present to our selves really, that and hopefully a holiday soon!!

Right I am off my little brandy snap baskets XX

PS who remembers them? I loved them!!!

BLOGMAS....Day 18 Isle of Wight part 3 traveling home

So Christmas part 1+2 has come to end and we now are making our way home. We got on the ferry as  foot passengers, got my mandatory tea! Lol! We had decided to stop of my hubbies relatives on the way back and I was totally blown away by their house, it was totally the type of house I would love to buy in the future (aspiring to the country living!)

So not much happened really, I drove back which actually was a big thing for me because that's the first time I've driven that distance post transplant and pre transplant I didn't drive very far at all! I drove just because hubby felt unwell-he admits he's probably got man flu! Lol! So no kisses for him the next few days due to me having a low immune system!

We got home and ordered a naughty curry because we were quite tired and just fancied chilling together and just snuggling up on the sofa and watching David Attenborough program, very relaxing!

Then we planned to pop into town so I could help hubby with stockings prezzy ideas! More on that later!

Toddles my little Santa hats

Ps sorry for the late blog (was so tired yesterday)

Sunday, 18 December 2016

BLOGMAS...Day 17 Isle of Wight Christmas part 2

 So like on Christmas morning I tend to wake up fairly early, I think it's my need for a cup of tea as soon as I wake up. I seriously think I have a problem, I might need a tea-tox lol!! Yes I laugh at my own jokes-sad I know!! So I will be heading down stair for breakfast in my festive jumper -Let it snow and my festive leggings which match my jumper very well. Have a nice (fairly leisurely breakfast)

 : Then either up to the warren for a festive walk or back up stairs for showers and get ready to deck our self out in the family jewels (only joking but we do go and spruce our selves up-don't worry it's not like an episode of Downton!) Oh talking of Downton, who else is going to be sad it's not on this Christmas!! I wish they would do a movie!! Any way I digress, then once we are all ready it's back down stairs for prezzies and then Christmas Dinner is about 3.00. Actually in the middle some where there I need to wrap 2 more presents. Only small ones but still a lot to do!!
This year my out fit I have chosen to wear for the big day at the in-laws is my lovely blue dress (I wore for the Christmas works meal minus the cream jacket) I will be wearing sparkly tights as well to make it a bit more festive and some nice jewelry. I think my make up will be a fairly easy look with some silver eye liner to match my tights and just a bright red matt lip because I don't want it all rubbed off by dinners come around. Nothing more annoying than having to keep reapplying your lipstick. 
So Christmas lunch is beef this year, with all the trimmings. I can't tell you how nice it is to be able to really enjoy Christmas food this year. That in it's self is a present!! My sugars are OK but I'm hoping they will come down as my med's go down. I can't believe it's been 3 months, it does feel like a while ago now  and I guess it is.

It is now the evening, all the lovely Christmas presents have been unwrapped, Christmas dinner eaten and we have settled down for some TV while we have a bit of a rest before having a few nibbles later before turning into bed. I will defiantly have to go back to the gym in the New Year. I tried to be good but it's so hard not to eat all the lovely food that is around at this time of year.

Right well I'm off Toodles my  little roast potatoes XX 

Friday, 16 December 2016

BLOGMAS...Day 16 Isle of Wight Christmas part 1

So each year we alternate who's family we spend Christmas at and then we go a week before to the other side of the family. So we are going to the IOW for a few days to celebrate Christmas with Hubbies family. I love spending time down there, it's so quite and relaxing because its a small Christmas affair which is lovely. There is always a open log fire roaring when we arrive which makes it so toasty and we all gather in the drawing room and pile the presents under the tree!! Canapes and Champagne are normally on arrival (Sicilian lemonade for me as I don't drink-I didn't drink before I was ill) Then some sort of Christmas Eve type dinner and then the next day is normally our Christmas day if I remember rightly (when it's not actually on Christmas day.)

 : Travelling down normal takes a bit of time as we generally get stuck behind a tractor or a string of ponies in the New Forest (only kidding!) That's after we normally over pack our suitcases and I pack all the wrong clothes-totally inappropriate for the season I'm going in. I never used to pack enough warm clothes in the winter or too thick heavy clothes in the summer! Any way this time I travelled down in my stripy pink and white jumper under my denim pinafore which is great to travel in and then paired with my big chunky scarf -which I have re-fallen in love with.I then just chucked on my fleece lined tights (always essential for the winter) with my ankle boots and cape coat.

This time though I planned what I was taking, then thought practically about my choices and went for space saving clothes so I could pack very important items-yes you've you guessed Santa hats! I bet you thought I was going to say presents or my medication-I have those too but I wanted to get a great shot of all the hubbies side of our family wearing hats in one pic together! There maybe some arm twisting to get the hats on a few members! Lol!

 : The first night is always like Christmas Eve, we put all the presents under the tree and then we have a light dinner after capes and champagne (lemonade or something like that as I don't drink!)

Then it's an evening of conversation and more drinks or snifters we call them before heading off to bed ready for the big day! I'm off to bed with a nice camomile tea to wind down with!

Sorry the blog is very late with travel, wrapping a few presents and dinner it was a late finish.

Toodles my little sprouts XX

Thursday, 15 December 2016

BLOGMAS...Day 15 Kirstie's Handmade Christmas review (ep 1+2)

Disclosure: These pics are from my TV on pause. These pictures are courtesy of Channel 4 and Raise the Roof Productions.


I have been waiting for this show since I saw sneak peaks of her doing filming ages ago on Instagram. I have to say it didn't disappoint, I think it might even be better that her previous ones. There was a great mix of different crafts and locations with lots of crafter's been shown and highlighting their skills is brilliant.

Well this kicked off in the most amazing locations, the highlands in Scotland with some pretty spectacular views. So the first Location was Blair Castle on the Atholl Estate. It was the most beautiful setting and I think I might have to stay here one day. The second location was equally stunning at Waddesdon Manor House in Aylesbury Vale.

Kirstie was "On a Festive Tour of Britain" which highlight all the best of our festive traditions at Christmas. She had some pretty amazing guest judging the competitions, Pip McCormac- Life style director of Red Magazine, Zoe Bradley who has produced creations for Harrods and Alexander McQueen, Ester Lutman Curator for the V&A Museum of Childhood, Eddie Lebeau & Richard Amon-the Tattooed Bakers, Chinelo Bally-Dressmaker.

So Kirstie had quite a few competitions in these episodes, she had a tree competition, paper crafts,toy competition, best stocking competition and a cake decorating competition.

So competition are:

The Best Tree Competition. Winner:Brook

  1. Zoe-Designer, Loves Kitch, A Kitch Tropical Tree. She had some cute ideas for a summer party using little decorations with little faces, including pineapples and flamingos. It wasn't very traditional but would be good in a hotter country (I personally think-cute though!)
  2. Mike-Marketing manager,Blogs on Crafty Gentleman, he used classic colours but he had his tree with 3 zones, green using felt, red using lino printing and white was origami. He also matched his lights to each section. (I like the felt garland he made.)
  3. Brook-PR Manager for a department store, she used Macrame knotting craft. I think she used a great mix of textures, including natural decorations.
  4. Chloe-Charity worker and craft writer, modern folk, style is traditional but in a fresh way.  
 : Paper Craft: Winner:Zack-A dove.
  1. Karelena (not correct spelling but I've search for her name and I can't find it) Pajaki Chandelier which is a traditional Polish decoration instead of the wreath.
  2. Zack-Childrens book illustrator, worked with Ralph Lauren and Anthropology. A dove which took 10,000 cuts to make.
  3. Coco- Writes a blog, snowflake wreath made with origami.
  4. Izzy-  Illustrator and paper engineer, Driving home for Christmas Scene. (this is my choice who I thought should win, I loved the tree sticking out of the little roof and the presents balanced on the roof too.)
 : Toy Competition: Winner: Natalie-Winston the Bear.
  1. Derek-Makes wooden rocking horses and then gives to children's charities, Amazing craft work, very traditional. (my choice would be the rocking horse)
  2. Natalie-Winston the teddy bear-he takes 3 weeks to make. 
  3. Alex-Studying Aerospace engineering, makes handmade skate boards and uses pyrography to burn on designs.
  4. Simon and Cat-Dolls house with handmade furniture and rooms decorated.
Best Stocking Competition: Winner: Christine-Pompom Stocking
  1. Adam-Small stocking with hand embroidered with bits of fir trees.
  2. Chris-design manager, stocking made of shirts cut into strips.
  3. Rosie-Craft business, luxury Stocking made of velvet diamonds (my choice-beautiful and sophisticated.)
  4. Christine-Jumper material, pompoms and vinyl circles over laid onto each other.
 : Best British Christmas Cake Design: Winner: Zoe Family Affair.
  1. Floria-made floral decorations inspired by a vintage card.
  2. Zoe-Film set designer, Family affairs- a TV with the Queen's speech on and left over dinner.
  3. Lara-A Corgi reindeer with a ripped up Queen's speech.(my Choice was the Corgi becuase there was humour behind it and a story that not everyones Christmas goes to plan quite fitting for me really being hospital over Christmas in 2014)
  4. Jordan-Old school piping buttercream flowers and jumper textures.
All there Competitions were great fun to watch and guess which crafter might win, I have to say my choice did differ to the judges and I think it would be interesting to see other people who watched what they thought. 

A few of the crafts that she did with other special guest crafter's were:
  1. Christmas Crackers-I would love to make my own crackers and I think I may attempt this next year for a dinner party at Christmas. They are great to make individual for each guest or the other thing I have seen is hollowed out old books and presents placed in side (Christmas at the Chateau) 
  2. A plaster cast star made with Charlotte Hern, it was a nice idea but I thought it might be time consuming and expensive to get silicone and plaster. 
  3. Spiced pear and walnut chutney, Christmas in a jar with Chef Angelia Malik. Lovely idea but recipe didn't make a lot for the list of ingredients. Although it should last for 12 months if you don't eat all in the first week-ummmm no comment!!
  4. Scottish Tweed and Fleece Dog Coat with Iona Barker-very cute and makes me want a dog even more now and go to Scotland (highlands and Edinburgh)
  5. Sweet making with Holly Brook (not a craft for the kids boiling sugar involved) Cute idea to put in some ones stocking maybe-she did say can be flavoured with anything including alcohol. I think the gingerbread one they did with gingerbread men sprinkles were cute.
  6. Reclaimed wood made into cheese boards with Sophie Salu (not correct spelling again couldn't find her on any search I did) she made a little small board in the shape of an egg. This would be nice to make if you hand access to the band saw. Nice idea though. 
This had definitely made me want to take part and I will keep an eye out for any more events/shows she will be doing and I will obviously be taking all of her books I have to get signed! Can you tell I'm a big fan. I really enjoyed the two episodes so far and looking forward to the last one.