Monday, 10 January 2011

Mini New Yorker says..Dear Vogue

Dear Vogue.........I would just like to express some concern....! I opened your current issue and was slightly confused......!! The models looked slightly out of proportion.....Not sure if the pic had been stretched or they really were that tall....but for some one who is 5"3 and a bit it doesn't really help looking at people who are that tall....because not many people can actually pull off those looks...! I understand you want to have people who look fabulous but looking at these girls I just don't really see how they can really extenuate the clothes if there's not much to fill them with...!!! I think we have all open magazines and go..."tut, why don't I have those long eye lashes or no stretch marks..." ect ect!! The truth is none of these models look like that I feel a  bit better about my self and I like being small....I think you get the best presents come in little my engagement ring..... so the best things come in small packages-FACT!!!

Have little models-mix it up be the first to be bold and go in a new direction....oh and pick me lol!!!

Any way I am off to bed so night night..tooodless xxx

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Mini New Yorker...her christmas stocking..and her fairytale engagment!!

Well where do I begin...I was meant to be heading back to my house when my car yet again decided to have a tantrum and just not work because it had been left in the cold on its own....after an hour of trying to get it started by using jump leads which were so old we weren't even sure if they actually worked.

Then when my mum got my car working I headed home...on my way home a car nearly hit me because he swerved into my lane...luckily I have good brakes and it missed me by inches....any way by the time I got back up in the my county my boyfriend and I got home at the same time...!! We got home and I sat down on the boyfriend went up stairs to what I thought was to unpack his bag etc from the Christmas hol stay! When he came back down he stood watching the tv...didn't think much of it and asked if we should swap the presents....he wanted to do it the day after but I wanted to do it then... (little did I realise what was coming next) so with a cheeky grin at him he then gave me my Christmas stocking with my presents in...I got the sex in the city 2 DVD   ( which I have now watched about 4 times already-I look for the fashion and inspiration) and  some yummy chocolates and some bath bubbles stuff...I got the to end of my stocking and grab what I thought was a weird shaped was small and wrapped up...I opened it and it was what looked like a ring box....."is this what I think it is" I said with a massive grin on my face....I then had to close my eyes and when I opened them he was on one knee with my beautiful ring glistening back at me...!!!

It was sooooo romantic and I just burst in to tears of joy.....I called my mum, and when I spoke to my brother he just said " wheres my thousand pounds" ok so let me explain- stupidly when I had broken up with an x I bet my brother I wouldn't be married before I am 32....I about to turn 25....this was over 3 years ago and I now regretting making the bet which my brother is actually holding me to...!! He wants it in £5 notes in a suitcase lol to make it look like more!! Oh and my boyfriend...I mean Fiance called his parent too, they got a bottle of bubbly out to toast us too!!!! I had a very small glass of bubbly...(as I don't drink alcohol- not done for about 6 years) it was a weird sensation....and when I woke up in the morning I had such a banging headache-I wished I hadn't....!! Aspirin....quickly consumed!

Now to do some serious wedding shopping to do and venues to book and colours to pick and more shopping to do...!! But first a celebratory meal with my friends!!! We went to Windsor to my friends uncles restaurant-it was fabulous and I was so full I had food baby...then we went to pay for the bill which must have been £150-£180 we asked for the bill about 4 times then a waiter came over with 4 boxes...which contained a mug... "thats your bill" he said.....I couldn't believe it...!! But it was a lovely meal so we will be going back there!! I'm not sure we will get another free meal though...!!

Any way now it's time to start the planning...I am sooooo excited about the planning...!! Toodles xx

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Mini New Yorker...our boxing day box....

So boxing day is at my Uncles house in we all got ready and loaded up the car early and then set off....I remember last year we got into London and we were at a set of traffic lights and a car next to us pulled up and was turning right when it nearly got hit by a taxi...we all said at the same time. "That's Chris Evan" he was in his 4x4 with his family....he got so angry it made a interesting story over dinner...!! The taxi didn't even stop. Any way this Christmas I got very travel sick and spent the whole journey going with my eyes closed- I had sit down when we had got to my uncles for a few minutes before I felt ok again...had a big cup of tea which helped!! There wasn't much dancing this year but we did do our forfeits again unfortunately my forfeit I wrote which was "give Katrina £10+" resulted in my uncle punching me 10x in the arm.....not fun for me...!! I some how managed to lose my brand new pink gloves....I turn my uncles house up side down turned out I had left them in the car-oooops!! Bit embarrassing...!! We had a nice buffet meal then some of us played on the was nice!!

Our boxing day box is like a big lucky dip bag...we get 5 presents each and the challenge is to get each present for £2 each its great fun hunting for unusual and different present the aim is to be as creative as possible....!! Its like a big treasure have to make sure you don't buy the same things as the year before.....!!

Any way after finding my gloves and having a few more cups of tea we decided to head has flown by and I think we were all happy to head home and relax....!!

So the next day I was meant to head car had been sitting on the drive for a few when I went to start it up because it had been sooo cold mums drive was still covered in snow and just like me my car does not like the cold so she had a little tantrum -didn't start and just as I had called the RAC my mum got her started....!!! What a nightmare....I was soooo desperate to get home and see my boyfriend....but he had a bit of a surprise once we got home.....

Any way that's a whole other story....toodles xxx