Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mini New Yorker...Winter Wonderland and ice skating with Bambi

Feeling rather Christmasy we decided we would brace our self and head into London with all the Christmas shoppers and go to Winter Wonderland!! We pre-booked our ice skating and I nearly took my own skates (wish I had) was great though to go round the rink.....we hadn't been since we had been together hubby and I!!! So we had a great time although it was like skating with bambi a bit....I think I was a bit rusty.....I didn't fall over though...! Which is good because when I went in Oxford I went flying into a big wet puddle...drenched from head to toe with no fresh clothes....only drenched but in front of all of my friends who thought it was rather amusing I however did not! This time round I had about six layers on to keep warm and make me bounce back off the ice if I had fallen over.

Any way...after the ice skating we had what was meant to be one or two drinks at one of the traditional beerkeller turned out to be massive glasses and I had chocolate waffles instead (because I don't drink)

It was soooooo good.... and the chocolate was warm drizzled on top, it just tasted like a dream!! Mmmmmmm!!!! I think hubby was quite happy with his beer too then while we were enjoying our food/drinks we suddenly realised we were at the live bar...and well the guy singing was brilliant......he could do every type of song....female lyrics, male lyrics, rapping, ballards you name it he could do it. We left much later than we had planned as we were bopping away.

We are defiantly going to go again. Any way off to make waffles toodles xxxx 

Mini New Yorker......Country Living and a Homemade Christmas

Well being a country girl myself and having suddenly fallen back in love with the country retreat theme this Autumn I am desperate to update every room.  With this is mind I decided I wanted to buy a dresser for the kitchen as my mum has a gorgeous one in her kitchen, as does my mother-in-law and I also want a drinks cabinet for the living room as every sophisticated household should have one for entertaining. I have a little plan that if I was given a pot of gold then I would get a few new bits to create my little bit of countryside in suburbia.To create a chic country Christmas I have been making lots of different things including these cute little felt stockings to put sweets in and hang them on the tree. I am very pleased with my creative skills so far although I did have a bit of a disaster with some of my clay presents......yes some how part of it exploded and ended up in bits so got to start again...very disappointed in my self to make a hash of it...so no rushing.

Now creating this style is very easy and quite fun.....its all about vintage shopping, which includes looking around vintage shops and charity shops to pick up some great glasswear and vintage style accessories. Especially getting ready for Christmas, you want your house to ooze glamour. So one of my favourite people is Kirstie Allsop and she is so full of  wisdom, so I am definitely going to take a leaf out of her home-made leather bound books (yes I am rather amusing I know.) Anyway I am right in the middle of making my Christmas presents, which I hope that with my hand-made gifts and unique wrapping will blow their Christmasy socks off with sheer surprise and pleasure. But this year I am not only just making Christmas gifts I have somehow opened my very talkative mouth and said that I would also make my friends' wedding presents.....yes I am mad and that is why I am already panicking about getting it done in time. I have finished the bear I made for my sister-in-law's baby which will be born at Christmas so I made a very festive bear which will be wrapped and given as a very special first Christmas bear. I also have to finish a quilt which needs to be finished to give to my mum as one of her Christmas gifts. I hope that all my gifts because of how personal they are will bring great cheer to my family and myself when everyone unwraps them on a very magical Christmas morning. I am also pleased to say that I am still going to get a stocking from my mother as I very much look forward to getting all the little bits and bobs early on Christmas morning and I'm not too old even if I am married. I also hope I can make some Christmas stockings to hang above the fireplace. Now with me all this planning started back in August time and last January when I started making this quilt.

I not only have been making plans to make Christmas presents, wedding present but I have also said I am going to have a dinner party (for a select few). It's going to be a festive feast and an evening of fun and fabulous presents. I think I must be mad to try and do all of this but I just love this time of year. I have so many Christmas ideas for decorating our house  and creating a magical Christmas my brain is going to burst! Thank god for Pintrest.....!! Anyway I am off as I need to window (internet) shop for more ideas.

Toodles xxx