Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Mini New Yorker.....Feeling like a big water melon

Now girls this is a question that need to be answered and a very important one....

When should you start to wear spanks? With Valentines coming up you don't want to look like a sausage being squeezed in your lovely new dress or skirt that you bought for that amazing romantic date. I have recently discovered tights that have shaping technology in them but they only thing with these is that they really do cut in. So is there some thing a bit sexier to wear that will keep you in?

Well I did a bit of research and the only way to keep your self looking glamorous and slimmer is a corset. I have just bought a lovely red one for Valentines. It's hard as with all these scars I now have, feeling sexy at the best of times is not easy. Not just that but with my weight fluctuating with all the water retention can make me feel like I just feel like a big water melon.

My aim is to be ready for our holiday in the summer...so going to start jogging and swimming although got to wait till this snow clears.I really don't want to end up in A&E because I fell flat on my face. I've also tried doing the Zumba on my Wii but its hard work and I'm not coordinated at all so I look like an octopus when I try and follow the instructions. The only problem is going swimming I will have to wear a swimming costume....meuhhh!!! Once I loose the weight I want to go on a shopping spree....yay-in desperate need of new clothes...!!! I have seen so many nice things but just feel too big to buy them right now...!! Liking the maxi dresses.....covers up all manner of sins for me.

I have found make up that covers up scars....especially good if we want to be in bikini's this summer.

I'm off to go for a swim xxx

Mini New yorker....and delicious sticky roast duck....

So cooking kidney friendly recipes can be tricky but I am trying to cook everything from scratch. So the plan is to check the recipes out for the following week so we can get what we need and then I can cook it for hubby when he gets in. Today's Sunday roast is going to be roast duck breast with a red wine sticky sauce. I have never cooked duck before and I think its one of my favourite meats now. It was just so juicy and with the sticky sauce was just mouth wateringly delicious and it was very kidney friendly. The Recipe was from my new cook book 'Mary Berry' and it was definitely a hit. You don't have to follow it 100% if there's thing you think that aren't good for us.
Roast duck Breast

Any way Sunday lunch was done from scratch and no added salt was used and it means I can still enjoy some of my favourite foods. I am trying to loose weight too so trying to be ultra healthy now.

To be honest since being diagnosed and having to check what I am eating...it's amazing what you discover. A few weeks ago I did a little experiment with my mum's cereal and my brother's cereal and actually my brothers less healthy cereal was actually better for kidney patients. I was shocked. Especially as my mum's one are the one's being advertised as really healthy.....not so much!!

I have been feeling very inspired to cook and make some recipes I have never tried before. I might even give making pasta and pastries ago. With my new book it has step by step on making and baking all the things that look difficult but actually could be really simple.

Right off to have some time on my wii.......xxx