Monday, 16 January 2012

Mini New Yorker....My Creative side......from sewing a button to making a teddy

So I remember at school in textiles I was terrible I could barely sew a button on. I don't think I ever completed a project in textiles ever. So from going from that to making a teddy bear....I have to say how cool am I now??? So again after seeing Kirstie make a teddy bear from scratch I wanted to give it ago....!! Well I bought a little kit so the bits where all in it....which helped but certainly didn't make it magically go together. I had to read it about 100 times to even figure out what ever thing was. Putting it together gave me a bit of a challenge. But even with the slightly complicated instructions I managed to make it over 2 day I would have made it even quicker if I didn't have to stop for eating and sleeping...I probably would have spent the night finishing it I got so stuck into it. It's like a really good book you can't put down.

My first step of making my bear
arm stuffed with joint
Day 1: So I thought I would show my progress of my bear making and show I started from scratch and didn't cheat and buy a pre-made bear and claim it was mine or something......!! Here I had done the bears arm but it was a little bit confusing because there where 3 bits to it and you had to sew that bears pad first so I did that and then stitched the rest of the arm (leaving a little gap to stuff it) and then you turn it inside out and the put the joint in through the little hole and then you stuff the arm as much as you can so its full. So day 1 I sewed both arms, a leg and an ear. ...Sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Day 2:  I started sewing straight away as soon as I got up the next day by lunch I had done another leg. The next bit was difficult sewing the body I had to figure out which bit I had to sew and what the instructions meant by sewing a dart....but I just did what
I thought was right which left enough space    to put the head joint which will allow the head to move and the same on each side for the legs so I did that ok. Then I attached the arms and legs and then the fun part was stuffing him to make his tummy really fat so he doesn't go floppy in later years as I now want to give this bear to my children in the future. He's my pride and joy. So after the body stuffed, the head my was the most difficult with 3 parts of it. So the final bit was to put the head on the body and sew the nose on so with my bear finished I took him to my mums, neighbour's and to a meal a a friends restaurant to show some of my friends. I had one order to post to Australia and my mum seemed to find him rather sweet too so all round I think a definite success.
My completed work of Art

Friday, 6 January 2012

Mini New Yorker.......being a body double to my self!

I noticed recently that I have kinda become a bit body double to my self if that makes sense. OK let me explain what I am going on about, well on one hand I want to be this chic and elegant women with a lovely set of globe trotter cases and wearing pristine white long dress with a large hat that just makes me ooze glamour while jet setting just like Caggie and Millie from Made in Chelsea. And on the other hand I want to be making and sewing things and being a home making just like Kirstie Allsop......!! My home maker body double is certainly taking over since getting married and trying to make a lovely first Christmas with my husband, a very special one.

My home maker body double got very inspired when I was watching Kirstie Allsops Home-made Christmas, she has inspired me to make every single present next year but I may cheat a little and buy the making kits to help me a long a bit......the stocking was lovely and I look forward to making all the other Christmasy bits. I think Christmas can be time when people go mad and spend an absolute fortune on buying stuff off the high street but my hubby and I both said after watching the programme it will be fun to make stuff for everyone next year.

I also was so inspired by the glass blowing class Kirstie did, that it is going to be one of the mouse days.....oh hang on I need to explain that too don't I? OK my nickname is mouse and my hubby is bear and next year my hubby is not renewing his footy season ticket (yay) and what we are going to do is alternate the weekends we do hubby's weekend will prob's be footy or seeing a few of his friends and mine will be a whole array of things from seeing my mother to going away for the weekend and craft we decided we would put all the ideas into the weekend bowl which we pick out one piece of paper on alternate weekends and then do that activity. I think this is the best way to mix it up a bit and do fun stuff which will be exciting for us both to enjoy.....

A few ideas may be
  1. going for a nice walk (with camera) and then having pub lunch at the end (weather permitting)
  2. romantic get away weekend...... Scotland, bath, Paris, lake district, Devon-yes in Kirstie Allsops cottage (which I love)
  3. craft day- this might be making soaps, stockings, arty stuff, crafty things
  4. ice skating (although recently done this this year)
  5. cinema & dinner
  6. Crafts course-like glass blowing or pottery class. 
  7. shopping trip
  8. seeing my mum
  9. seeing hubbys parents on the iow
  10. going to reserve or zoo
  11. london museums and galleries
  12. going to see a theatre show.
  13. going to events and craft fairs/ music
  14. secret london tea rooms
  15. having dinner parties...because I am becoming a good little hostess.....
So I decided to start my new years resolution early....and start making things. I thought I would go for the fun things like making the teddy bear which Kirsty did on her show. So I got my set from a craft shop and started it as soon as I got home and it took me the best part of 2 days and I am rather pleased with my results....!! At first I was struggling with the instructions as I couldn't figure out how it all fitted together. Even with the confusing instructions I managed to complete it very quickly. It was actually meant to last a few weeks or months as it was quite bit for the kit and stuffing.

Since making it, I took it to show my mum, my neighbour and I also took it to my friends restaurant yesterday and one of my friends said she had been following me make it from the other side of the pond down in Australia....!!! I found that so sweet. Any way at dinner yesterday my friend turn the bears head round the wrong way and then said to me "oh you have put his legs on backwards" I nearly died with embarrassment.....I suddenly didn't feel so great about my little craft achievement/triumph. Until she turned everything back round.......I think there was a bit of a giggle about it....!!! Oh but my friend from Australia wants me to make her a teddy will be shipping that over.

Now onto my next project I am making a quilt for my mother for a Christmas or birthday present (depending on how long it takes to make) I am just nervous to start as it seems quite a hard craft but I thought I would give it a go.

So here goes........must dash toooooodlesssss xxxx