Sunday, 19 February 2017

Valentines Day in the Isle of Wight


Valentine's Day was my 5 months post transplant anniversary, so we were celebrating both. We went out for a Valentine's Day lunch at Prezzo. I had a lovely dish, it was lobster and crab ravioli and hubby had a pappardelle gorgonzola which he enjoyed immensely. It was a rare treat as we hadn't really been out for Valentine's Day for years because we do prefer to have more of a private dinner at home, where we can choose the menu and decor. But I have to say I really enjoyed having a meal out like that.  
As part of our tradition of having a meal at home though, I decided to get some heart balloons to decorate our holiday home. I also got some tiny heart confetti and heart bunting to set the mood but I ended up decorating my in-laws' sun room as we were eating together that night. It looked so cute and it created a nice atmosphere for the rest of the evening. I got all my decorations from Poundland and Tiger, which may sound a bit stingy but as my budget was small this year having only just gone back to work and a list as long as my arm of things to buy and pay for in the next few months, I was trying to be sensible and save the pennies. I was pleasantly surprised by the balloons from Poundland, which were £1 and then another £1 for the helium. These would have been twice as much if I had bought them from anywhere else, I know in Asda the balloons would have cost £5 each, so instead of £8 I would have spent £20+helium. I can save the bits I bought this year and add to them next year. I will definitely do more Pinterest ideas next year. I just ran out of budget and time. I am excited about having more surprises next year but I might do some bits for our 6th wedding anniversary.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, thanks for the love and support over the last few years. 



"Read all about it, they are rebuilding the Titanic (2)"

So ever since I was a little girl when I first saw the Titanic film, I wondered what it would have been like to have been on the Titanic (obviously before it sank.) I think I was about 12 when I saw it in the cinema and it was to me the most beautiful and sad film I had ever seen. I then got it on video and I was given the book which accompanied the movie that Christmas.

As many of you know I love interior design, doesn't matter where it is, I'm fascinated by it. Especially if it is from the 1900's onward because I am in LOVE with that era. You know, actually I think my love for that era was actually from watching the Titanic film. I loved all the fashion and all the beautiful tea cups and furniture.

So I was on Twitter and I saw that someone had said they are rebuilding the Titanic and calling it the Titanic 2 and I was like "You what?". I clicked on the link and sure enough my childhood dreams are coming true. I was so excited when I read this and you will be able to buy tickets to go on it. It will be stopping at Southampton so going all the way to China won't be necessary-haha!! So even if I don't get to go on the Titanic 2 I might see her sailing by.

 :  : The billionaire whose idea it is to build her is also including costumes for passengers to wear for the formal dining. This is just the most amazing thing I have heard, I  remember I wanted all of Rose's outfits. She looked so glamorous and I dreamed that I could wear clothes like that, basically live my life as if I was in a period drama like Downton. It's funny actually because Samantha Bond, who plays Rose's mother actually appears in Downton too as an aunt many years later which is quite bizarre and in one of the first scenes of Downton Abbey they are talking about the sinking of the Titanic. It is at the same time as Downton was set so the fashion is very similar which is why I love both. My favourite outfit from the film was the first one she appeared in, the white and purple pinstriped skirt and jacket.

The interior of the new Titanic 2 will have replicas of the original ship's interior. So the staircase and the glass dome will be recreated to look as similar as possible.

 : The Palm Court Cafe is being recreated to look exactly like the original and the set one too. If I was designing the ship (dream job-as I want to be an interior designer) I would use the research and photographs from the set of the Titanic from the film and the costumes and food from Downton Abbey as well. Huge amounts of research went into the production of both of these. The photos are great to get the exact details from and the book: A Year of a Life At Downton Abbey would give recipes for both the upper decks and lower decks. It's absolutely fascinating and makes me want to re-read both of my books (that I'm currently using for my blog.)

 : The owner has hired chefs to do research into the food they may have eaten but luckily some of the food menus have been saved/found. From the film research we know that they had 7-10 courses in first class. I have to say I am partial to a brandy snap cigar with cream -yum yum (pic from my Titanic book, I did try to get my mum to buy these at Christmas!). I will buy them one day soon and I will enjoy them....!!
 : There are some slightly weirder foods on the third class menu cards. Not sure about the gruel or the rice soup but I did laugh at the second class menu for luncheon, Yarmouth bloater which is some sort of fish.

I did like the look of the afternoon tea for the first class passengers. I am partial to an afternoon tea although I'm surprised it wasn't high tea at 5pm. It would be something if we still had high tea every day (now I know why the portions are small - because they had so much food).

I think when the tickets become available I will seriously consider going on the Titanic 2. I was meant to go on a cruise a few years ago but unfortunately I was hospitalized for an infection. So I actually never got to go on that cruise, so this could be a good one to go on instead.

I will keep a weather eye out on the horizon.


Becoming an Advocate for Organ Donation


I am so excited and proud  to tell everyone that I have become Advocate for Live Life Give Life Charity which is an amazing charity that raises awareness and encouraging Organ Donation by getting people signing the Donor Register. For me it is an honor to be part of this amazing charity which literally saves lives by raising the importance of Organ Donation and with out it I wouldn't be here or be able to lead a normal life. I took a few pictures in my Orgamites t-shirt, with some of Snapchat filters- which I think makes my pics look cute.

I can't wait to start organizing some events to fund-raise for Live Life Give Life. I have so many ideas for fundraising events which will be fun and unique. This summer would be great to hold an event in my local area. So I need to start planning and see what I can physically do in the time.

I'm 5 months post kidney transplant now, on Valentines Day as a bit of a stroke of luck. So a double celebration which is lovely. I can't believe it's been that long already, it's flown by and soon it will be half a year. I'm so grateful for my Donor and I want to spread awareness for the selfless act he did so others like me could live. He has made it possible for my husband and I to have children which was a dream of mine to be a mum.

By raising awareness for organ donors, those waiting might not wait have to wait as long or unfortunately they never get their call because theirs not enough donors. So now all the hard work start of raising more awareness and fundraising.

So here goes, keep a weather eye out on the horizon, the next few months will hopefully have some exciting news and events!!