Friday, 24 March 2017

Birthday's, Balloons,Ballet & Beauty and the Beast!!

Disclaimer:Not bragging, showing off or anything else.
Birthday Flowers from my Mum.

So it's been a few weeks of birthday celebrations, cakes, balloons and some fun activities. First it was my hubby's birthday, so instead of birthday presents because we wanted to save money for the holiday and mini trips. So we decided to cook each other a special meal of the their choice for their birthday meal. I cooked hubby my mushroom risotto, which is one of his favorite meals I cook and I particularly liked to make it. I got hubby a chocolate cake and candles and balloons. We enjoy doing little things like this for each other to create our mini adventures and memories. We wanted to do a few special things in Italy as it was in between our birthday's and our 6th wedding anniversary as well so it will be a few months of little celebrations dotted here, there and every where. Our main birthday celebration is going to be in Bath and Bristol and a football match at Aston Villa in the Easter holidays. I can't wait to go. I love Bath, it's so pretty and great for photo opportunities, lovely vintage shops, boutiques and lovely places to eat. Keep a look out for the blog!


On Monday (the day before my birthday) we decided to go a watch the new film Beauty and the Beast. I have to say it was even better than the 1st one. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to get the sound track and the DVD. It really was an amazing film and all the actors including Dan Stevens, was amazing as the Beast. I think Hubby and I will be going as Beauty and the Beast for our New Years Eve Party. I had been looking forward to this film for about 8 months when I found that it was being released. It was worth the wait for sure. Hubby also cooked me a homemade meal. When I was on dialysis my favorite hospital dinner was sausages, mash and onion gravy. Since I now no longer need dialysis I don't get a chance to eat it. So I wanted it as my birthday meal, Hubby went out and got special sausages which had some unusual flavours, I picked maple syrup and apples (sticky toffee apple) New York Deli (Chorizo) and a Cheddar and Leeks (Cheddar Gorgeous). Hubby also pumped up loads of cute pink balloons so I buried myself in them-lol!! It was lovely very relaxed and cute dinner with hubby and me (just the two of us)

My actual birthday, I was at work and I had the opportunity to go to the Ballet with work. I enjoyed the Ballet and I want to go again to another show at the theatre in my town. It was the a Ballet of Goldie Locks and the 3 bears (works choice) however it was good and a nice relaxing day. We then went to have a nice cake and cup of tea. 

Over all it was a lovely time and I am looking forward to doing more fun things in the next few weeks.I was a bit naughty with my diet this week but back on healthy eating next week. 

Another year older and feeling great, I'm in a good place and planning for the future. Thank you to all the lovely people who gave me a card or present and for being great people in my life.


Sunday, 12 March 2017

Bye bye to my first car

So it's been a bit of an emotional few weeks, I had to say goodbye to my first car which I picked out with my (late) father. As you can see it was also my favourite colour as well. I had some amazing trips and I think I will remember all the fun road trips we did but she was starting to cost more than she was worth. We also couldn't go through the monkey enclosure with it at Longleat Safari Park-otherwise it would have been on bricks before you could have said baboon!!

I found some old pics of my car in the different seasons. It was fun to drive around the Isle of Wight and along our coast with a picnic in the back and a few picnic chairs and blanket. I have very fond memories and I will treasure those. I took some wing mirror shots while we were on our adventures.

Some summer and winter pictures. 


Now it's time to enjoy the new car, we have a sound system in it, so we can sing along to some great tunes on our adventures. She is now being driven for banger racing. Which sounds a bit extreme but bizarrely it was my (late) father's favourite pastime which he went and watched in Wimbledon with my mum. So I feel less guilty about getting rid of it because it was a joy of my dad's.

On to our next adventure.


My Donor Family Letter

So this was the hardest letter I have ever had to write. It was something that I had tried to do so many times but I never felt I had got the right words to explain how I felt and how grateful I am. How do you write a letter that there are no words that can really sum up how thankful because words wouldn't truly be enough.

I found it hard to find the right writing paper because I didn't want it to be too over the top, too girly or too bubbly. I just hated every option I had found. Then I looked on Paperchase and I knew I would find something that was the right balance of special enough but not over the top. I then sat down once again after starting the letter for at least the 10th times. I just started typing and this time I really felt like I could get my words out properly, it was very emotional and I cried through out writing it. 

I am very proud to have written it and I hope that my letter bring's them some comfort as my Donor was the most amazing selfless human being, a hero and my guardian angel. I want to live my life to the fullest in honour of my donor and in their memory. The love I have for my Donor's family is immense and maybe one day I might know how they feel with a return letter but for now to know that I have given them a little comfort (I hope) is all I want. 

In loving memory of my Donor and to my Donors Family who made a very brave and difficult decision in the midst of grief is the most incredible and selfless act any one could ever do.


Saturday, 11 March 2017

Mini Holiday Primark Haul

So as many of you will know by now.....I’M GOING TO ITALY IN MAY!! Ok sorry about the yelling but I’m slightly excited-if you hadn’t already guessed that!!! Anyway, believe it or not going to Primark is a bit of a treat for me, sounds a bit sad but to be honest I try not to spend money because I was a bit naughty with shopping when I was younger. Let’s just say it wasn’t quite the credit card in the ice block like Rebecca Bloomwood but it wasn’t far off. The other reason is living in Dorset I have to drive about 40 minutes to get to a Primark (which is tiny but still better than nothing) so it’s a bit of a mission to go if you need one thing so we order a lot online but it’s not the same. Anyway I got to a Primark and spent a small fortune but they are key pieces which I can use as different outfits. I had loads and loads of stuff which always happens with me but nowadays I can put stuff back. So there were a few things I thought would be great for the holiday but I had a budget and I stuck to it (or thereabouts-eeek!)
I decided to go sophisticated apart from one item which I will wear here. Which is the sparkly high tops which I couldn’t resist buying. They are quite comfy as well. I thought they could jazz up a boring outfit. Think they have had mixed reactions but I love them so I’m going to wear them. Sometimes it’s good to be a bit silly!!
Then I focused on my Italy style and what I could wear to make me look as glamorous as all those beautiful and elegant Italian ladies. So I thought key pieces that would work with other clothes I have. So I thought the white shirt with the little bobbles or dots on would go with everything (I just need to buy a white strappy top to go under it.) I can put the shirt with my white jeans, my yellow and blue trousers and most of my skirts including the one in the picture.

The skirt is tulle material which I love and the detail of the flowers is very pretty and the colour makes it sophisticated and it can be an evening or day depending on how I accessorise it and what I pair it with. In the day I can put it with a little t-shirt or a vest top but maybe the skirt is a cute option. I have black sandals that I would probably wear with that skirt rather than the other sandals which are a bit more playful with the teeny tiny pom poms-which are too cute to handle-lol! The other shoes I bought were for evenings out, I bought flat shoes because with cobbles and hills I don’t want to struggle to walk around. I think on holidays it’s sensible to wear flatter shoes in places like Italy. They will go with skirts and long dresses too. I did forget to photograph my long evening cardigan that is cream which will go with all of my evening outfits or if it’s more chilly in the day. Oh and I also forgot to photograph the jumper I am wearing now which actually is a mint colour, it’s a summer jumper (lightweight) so I can wear it in Italy with my white jeans or a skirt. I bought some new sunglasses and a silk scarf that I thought looked quite chic for Italy. The sunglasses are the style I used to have when I thought I was young and hip! The silk scarf I could wear with a skirt or a a more simple top that I could then pair it with to make it a feature.  I was happy with what I got and I can combine it with other clothes that I already have so only need a few cheaper bits like vest tops. Can’t wait to go and I’m sure maybe another mini haul before I go-hehe!!