Sunday, 5 June 2011

Mini New Yorker....International traveller...the essentials....

I have been slightly obsessed with Sex and the City and when I saw Carrie's vanity case and hat box in the second film and I decided that I really really wanted one to take on my honeymoon to make me a rather
chic international traveller... so I did a bit of hunting and it soon became apparent that a vintage case or steamer cases from the 1920's were not in my monthly or yearly budget for that matter... so I got a bit grumpy and grumbled for a bit and then forgot all about it until I found this little gem on the, I was amazed to find this at such a reasonable price. You can use it as a vanity case and as a hand bag which is great because as it has a long strap to make it easier for when you are moving about the airport or going on exciting day trips out in some exotic countries. I think even in the blistering dry desert in Egypt it would still look very chic....unlike me on this was so hot that I had to wrap my scarf round my head. and I nearly lost my flip flops when the Camel took us round the Pyramids and Sphinx in Cairo  in the end I just took them off- not really as chic as Carrie B in the second SATC film...although at least I didn't do a Charlotte and fall off the Camel lol!!! Well I nearly did when we had to get back off...that was a bit touch and go.....

In Luxor Valley of the Kings I was so ill because of the 7 hour coach journey which was hot and dusty and I think I had eaten something that really didn't agree with me.....!! A couple of days later my fiance and I both got ill and I felt like I was going to die... Not even water would stay down!! It was like when Charlotte and harry (SATC) got food poisoning and where lying on the floor of the bathroom..... we kind of had a moment like this..... I have to say it was not exactly the most romantic evening my fiance and I have ever had.....and when you ill like that I don't think any outfit can help you look a bit more normal. I think everyone suffers from Egypt tummy but we got some Egyptian medicine which we were told would flush the system......I have no idea what was in it because most of the instructions were in Arabic but I think it literally was ripping my insides-practically removing my organs..... I was surprised I didn't bring up a lung or something and I thought my stomach was going to burst with pain. WARNING don't take any Egyptian Medicine-will make you worse. Luckily we were there for 2 weeks so a few days to recover didn't affect our holiday too much...... we still did a lot: Luxor-Valley of the Kings & the Pillars of Karkak (oh and on the way home we stopped to for a quick break & my fiance held a goat-a women just gave him the goat to hold-he wasn't really sure what to do with it!! Lol!!.) We went Diving-for the first time ever!! I have to say the scuba gear was not very fashionable-when they put the tank of me I nearly fell backwards because of the sheer weight of it!! It was as big as me!! Unfortunately I went a bit green around the gills when we were meant to having our briefing-I was being sick in the bathroom-which made me feel even worse as it didn't smell of roses!!!

For the the last 2 days we flew to Cairo- we went the Cairo Museum-which was amazing the bits I liked were the tiny jewellery & the massive statues, we went to how the Egyptian perfume  and learnt about the different meaning & how they were made & how papyrus paper was made then bought some Egyptian art, then we went out to the desert were rode Camels around the Pyramids & we saw the Sphinx, and  river boat cruise up the Nile, 

So I have to say that I was not the most International traveller...I am going to make a real effort when we go on our honeymoon I look chic while in transit....!! You really don't want to be one of those people you see at an airport where they have fallen asleep and started to dribble down there face or snore loudly- not cool!!!

I am definitely a Carrie Bradshaw in the I am going to catch up on my beauty sleep as it is a big day being my hen do, don't you know!!!! So excited  it's only 2 weeks till we get married and I just can not contain my excitement.....any way I am off Toodles xxx