Saturday, 3 June 2017

Lake Como-Italy

I have always wanted to go to Italy, let me just say, it didn't disappoint and I can't wait to go back. I haven't been on holiday since 2014 due to my health. This was my first holiday post my kidney transplant and I was feeling a bit nervous. So I'm a naughty traveller - yes I'm that annoying over packer. I'm that person who can't lift their own bag onto the baggage belt (or get it off the belt for that matter either.) Yeeeeeeh, I also have a bit of a confession to make....I also had half of hubby's big bag as well! I know, I know and I didn't even wear half the clothes I took (oops!). I think I will leave some of my art stuff behind as well next time, which I had in my hand luggage. I thought I was going to have time to sit, draw and paint. No such luck, we were soooo busy going back and forth across the lake.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got to Heathrow Terminal 5 and I found the Harry Potter shop and they had Nifflers! I wish I had had more time before the flight and I could have spent more time in the HP shop. I really want one of these - hope I get one for Christmas/transplant anniversary maybe!! I had to be convinced to leave (without the Niffler, crying and wailing - ok that might be a slight exaggeration!).

I'm a massive Harry Potter fan as many will know but I'm trying to restrain myself (yeh who am I kidding?). I could end up with a whole house full of HP stuff - hubby's not really an HP fan so.....that will be a no then - lol!!
Then I was looking out of the window (because I had the window seat obviously,) and I suddenly realised we were flying over the alps. It hadn't occurred to me that we would be going over the alps.The view was amazing and I just loved being back on a plane, even though I felt anxious to start off with. 

I slept a bit on the flight (I really hope I wasn't snoring/talking in my sleep - TMI - bit awkward!!)

So after collecting our luggage we got our private transfer to Menaggio on Lake Como. It was lovely driving around the lake with some beautiful views of the lakes and little towns dotted along the lake's edge. I snapped a quick pic of this little church, which was very pretty and many similar ones were dotted around the lake. It was slightly hairy in some places when we came face to face with a massive truck once or twice - eeeeeek!

Menaggio, was so beautiful and a typically Italian little town with beautiful views of the lake. The left pic (above) was the view from the town and the right is from our apartment. I loved staying in a self catered apartment because it gives you more freedom for cooking. I love going to local shopping markets and finding new things, trying them out. I wish, I had bought more pasta back from Italy-literally I could have filled the whole suitcase with pasta after seemingly buying half the shop. Not sure how customs would feel about this.....!! Customs officer: do you have anything to declare miss?Me:....errrrrrrr!!!

Pics above from left to right, Menaggio bright red Vespa, Bellaggio painted bottle restaurant, Tremezzo Gelato truck.

Bellaggio is also beautiful and became one of our favourite places on Lake Como. We visited the Villa Melzi and the gardens.The gardens were lovely with the lily pond surrounded by lovely vibrant Acers. The Moorish Kiosk was so sweet, nestled right on the lakeside (great for picture opportunities - but I did forget our tripod, so I had to prop it up.) We then discovered a little chapel which was very tranquil and peaceful (until I tripped over the end of the bench - why am I so clumsy?). I enjoyed our walk and spent a few hours walking round, taking photos and chatting. I did lose my hat a few times, had to chase it, so I ended up pinning it to my hair so it wouldn't fly off (more clumsy blogger moments!). We went to Bellaggio several times. 

(below) Taking photos with my late Dad's film camera

We went over the border to Switzerland for a few hours to have lunch and wander around - as you do! Unfortunately it was rubbish weather as you can tell by my really sexy drowned rat look that I'm going for in these pics - it's so annoying as I had a nice outfit that I had picked out for the day trip! 

We went back to Bellaggio, I was walking along the lakeside and then I saw this beautiful property and thought oooooh I could totally do this up and have it as our holiday home - if only we had a few million floating about! We could have been neighbours with George, but actually he lives closer to someone I know these days in Berkshire. Oh well, maybe one day!! I'm so in love with Italy I wouldn't say never to owning a property out there one day (obviously not as big as this but a cute little apartment for when we have a family - would be pure heaven!). I was looking for him on the lake too when the really beautiful boats went past.

So after a busy day in Bellaggio, I decided to sit by the lake and do some sketching while hubby read his newspaper. I decided to do watercolours but just as I had settled down (with a cup of tea and all my art stuff) to do a lovely drawing, my view literally disappeared behind the clouds and then I heard massive claps of thunder (I swear the only epic fail that didn't happen to me was falling off the boat or dropping my camera in the lake). Then there was a massive thunderstorm and there was a lot of rain and lightning. It was pretty spectacular, we sat and watched it late into the evening.

My mum did say she wanted Villa Carlotta as her new house! Don't think it's for sale!

Luckily the next day it had cleared up and the sun came, which was lucky because it was our last day, so we went off to Villa Carlotta, Tremezzo and it was stunning. Beautiful flowers including Bird of Paradise, I spotted while we walked in the gardens which are massive but we only saw a tiny bit. I then saw these lovely Rhododendrons which were in lovely shades of pinks and whites. I think, I literally took about 1,000 pictures of this place on various devices. Instead of being a crazy bag lady, I looked like a weird camera lady with millions of cameras and lenses and tripods and selfie sticks. Maybe I should get a T-shirt that says "yes, I take millions of selfies and photos.....I'm a blogger don't you know!" or something slightly shorter like "I 💖 Selfies...I'm a Blogger!!" Oh I should have patented that!!

I was sad to say goodbye to Italy, I fell in love as I knew I would and can't wait to go back. I would love to visit Positano, Sorrento, Capri or Sicily (desperate for more cannolis).


PS I love you Italy, miss you already!


  1. HeHe! When l saw your post...l dashed downstairs...
    glass of vino calapso...back up for a read...! :).
    Amazing...the old tear ducts, have been working,
    and, l know it's the wrong end for me...but never
    the's Italy!
    This link will take you to the place where l was born,
    very rustic but, lovely!

    I also see you love Christmas..who does'nt...just last
    Christmas l was asked to do a guest post on Barbara's
    Blog...Bit early..but if you fancy a little laugh......

    Great post by the way....! :0).

    1. My new website is please come and read it over there! Glad you like my post!