Monday, 17 April 2017

Belated double birthday in Bath and at the Footy

We were celebration a double Birthday weekend away in Bath and combined it with a football match in Aston Villa. It was a great weekend, we both got our choice of activity for our birthday's. Bath was my choice and the footy was my hubbies choice. We walked round Bath exploring a bit, it was nice to be back after going to the Christmas Markets there. We had a lovely lunch at The Kingsmead Kitchen in the a little square. We had a delicious club sandwich, which is always a good option for us and then we had a lovely flat white coffee, it was quite strong but very nice. 

Some black and white photos of us drinking coffee.

We then walked round Bath and went to the abbey to get some pics but there was so many tourist buses so we didn't get loads of it. We then stumbled across the Christmas shop which was great and I was like a kid in a candy store. I love going into a Christmas shop in the middle of the year. I am obsessed with Christmas and the whole season. Last Christmas I did Blogmas and I think going to festive places just is my happy place. I would love to one day own my own Christmas land and Christmas tree farm would be a dream.
I picked to wear my floral swing dress, my pink jacket and my peal necklace.I wanted to look nice for our double birthday celebration. 

We went to the footy first and actually it was good, I haven't been to a game since I've had my transplant. We won 3-1 and the atmosphere was great.

We then went into Bath in for dinner and we had Thai at Salathai, my choice because in Dorset we don't have many Thai restaurants. We had mix starters, green Thai beef curry, crispy duck, cashew nuts chicken and banana fritters (which I discovered that I think I may have an intolerance to bananas now!!!) 

Then we got home and had our Easter egg.



So Turkey was our second holiday together, we went to a place called Side. We got to our hotel and we were a little disappointed with the front and the welcome we got. We had driven past some pretty spectacular hotels and we kept hoping it was our hotel, then we got ours and we both were thinking 'please don't be ours' but it was. We got shown to our room and I think we just went to bed, hoping it would be better in the morning. Well actually did get better, we had a lovely holiday (which was only spoilt by having one of the members of male staff declaring his undying love for me-another story!!)

I tried to look as glamorous as I could on a small budget, so most of the outfits I'm wearing are from Primark. I think that I managed to dress them up a bit.  We had a lot of fun and have some great memories from the holiday.

So I looked up the hotel and lets just say it's totally different now, it looks more like a kids club hotel. It wasn't like that when we went and it was very close to a club, so guess that has gone but I wouldn't go back to the hotel now. We want a more couples hotels, quieter and romantic while we have no children. 

These is some of the ruins taken from the beach, near to the bar we walked down to on a few night and this is where we had CRAZY COCKTAILS (mine were mocktails.) They seemed to set a lot of mine on fire with many sparklers.  In the pic of me holding the mocktail, I was slightly scared about holding it (as it was on fire) but it's great pic. It also reminds me that I was slimmer and less self conscious of my figure back then. I will get back to that-eventually!!


One of my drinks, I think they literally put every possible stirring device in it-probably named the kitchen sink lol!! I really enjoyed the Turkish food too and they actually did better mocktails thank most UK bars. I think having crazy drinks and unusual foods makes it memorably. The bar we went to became one of favourite place to have a drink at while we stayed there.

 The below pic was one of dinners at one of the local restaurants and the waiter gave Hubby a rose to give to me. It was a cute gesture and it's one of my favourite pics.

I can't remember what meal we had (in pic below) but there was a few meals that I remembered from the holiday, one was just bizarre. These pictures, I love and I used to them a lot as profile pictures. I remember, I did have to squeeze into that dress though and it just covered my bum-slightly embarrassing. Not something I would pick now in my 30's-I'm going for sophisticated (well trying and sometimes having a typical chaotic moment-I'm notorious for especially when I was younger) !!


After most of our dinners we would walk along the beach and watch some amazing sunsets. We had some lovely evening strolls along the promenade and it made me feel very calm and at peace. This was one of the loveliest sunsets we saw, it was just beautiful.

In the pic below that dress was the only dress not from Primark-shock horror, I know! It was from a boutique in the town I was brought up in, when I was a bit of a shopaholic and thought I had loads of money to spend-oops!! I still have it though but I now wear a strappy top under it as its a bit errrrr.....revealing!!!
This pic below was one of our dinners, I think this was where all the cats where hanging around. It was a whole bake fish and several sides. I really enjoyed that dinner, it was sooooo good but that wasn't the crazy dinner that was yet to come.

So the next meal was the crazy meal, once we ordered our choice which I remember not really knowing what to expect and what it was. Any way the waiter came over and gave us this hammer and another contraption. We thought we had order lobster or crab by accident, while we were still pondering what on earth we had ordered our meal arrive. It was on fire and then the waiter the proceeded to smash the clay pot. We were gobsmacked really, however it was very good but I remember it had a bit of an odd name come to think of it. It was called Testi Kebab and it was sealed with a bread. We still laugh about the whole meal now!!

So we also did a lovely river cruise where we docked at the beach where we had a nice BBQ and swim. We also went on a boat trip to the Manavgat Waterfalls. The waterfalls were so blue, it looked like I've edited the pictures-I haven't.

This one of my favourite pictures from this holiday. 
I have it printed out and framed as a special memory.

We also went to the ruins near Side, it was quite interesting walking around and seeing the ancient ruins and how they were destroyed by a tsunami. There was a man who was trying to lead us some where we didn't want to go, we thought he might have tried to rob us or demand money (like in egypt by the Pyramids) but luckily there was a police office who started talking to him so we made our escape. It was very hot walking around the ruins so we went into Side to have an ice cream.

We saw all of this Turkish delight in this little store. We bought some back to give as gifts but when I went to take out of our cupboard ready to give to some one there was something moving in the box. I screamed and immediately through it in the bin outside and then nearly threw up-most will know I hate bugs especially maggots-errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

So that was our holiday in a nutshell