Thursday, 24 November 2011

Mini New Yorker.....Happy birthday to my blog-one year old this weekend

So a Mini New Yorker is a one year old this weekend. I just looked at the blogs over the last year and there has been some interesting ones..... So what have I learnt or what has happened in a year.
1) we got engaged
2) We started planning our wedding
3) had my dads 2nd anniversary of him passing away.
4) I got a new job
5) Got married
6) went on our honeymoon (swam with turtles)
7) Made our house a home (with our wedding presents.)
8) Planning a move back to Oxfordshire

I have learnt so much and had the most amazing year and looking forward to my first Christmas at my husbands parents house on the Isle of Wight.

And I wonder what our new year has to bring to us? There maybe a few things on my wish list...he he!!! toodles xxxx