Sunday, 30 October 2011

Mini New Yorker...Men are like Meerkats...

 Men are like Meerkats......
Men are like Meerkats 
Meerkat on the look out
I am sure you lady's know what I am talking about when you're maybe out and about in a group and suddenly the conversation will stop and in unison the guys heads will all turn and they will all look like a bunch of Meerkats getting up onto there haunches to see a rather attractive lady in a very short dress that (doesn't leave much to the imagination) as she walk into the room. A mutual friend of mine and my husbands did this exact thing last night and it made me laugh....!!! He really looked like a Meerkat searching for predators......its not the most subtle behaviour. Its a known fact and well documented situation, the guys in Sex & the City behaved in a similar fashion when they saw the Irish nanny arrive. With this in mind it will be a behavioural pattern that will continue as long as Meerkats are doing it then men will still  do it too.....Toodles xxxx

Monday, 10 October 2011

Mini New Yorker....getting older and a bit wiser

Getting older and wiser should mean that the more things you go through as you get older should be less painful....but I would have to disagree...!!! My wisdom teeth are coming through and my god are they painful......!!! I think it's even more painful having your baby teeth fall out when you were younger, I remember other children would tie string to their baby tooth and the tie the other end to a door handle and then slam it.......I remember thinking they must be mad to do that but right now I really feel like doing the wisdom teeth are killing me...and I don't feel any wiser in fact they are making my brain hurt....

So is it true do we get wiser as we get older.....? Tooooooddddleeeesss xxx

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Mini New Yorker.... "wedding brain" & final preperations for the wedding!!!

So 7 days left to organise the final preparations.....and getting everything in the right place at the right time......!! Who would have thought that weddings needed military precision......?

So I decided to start organising my honeymoon 
clothes yesterday, I went upstairs to arrange my outfits but I ended up prancing around in my bikini checking it fitted ok and making sure it wasn't going to come off when I dive into a pool or me this has happened to me when I was on holiday when I was younger at a big water park!! I remember going down a ride with my mum on a double ring...the ride was called "The black hole" WE screamed the whole way down (we should have known better with a name like that) and when we hit the water my bikini top came up...... (Luckily I was blessed a bit later than most but hey can't complain) I'm not sure anyone actually!! I bet a lot of you are laughing because you are imagining me prancing around like a bit of an idiot with my bikini on in our bedroom......!!! Well you are right to laugh I do this often actually...........dancing around in our bedroom and attempting to sing along to some of my favourite songs - I must say not always in my bikini though that was just a one off.....!!! lol!
Now where was I...? Oh yes final preparations......well so far nothing has gone wrong although I do keep having dreams that someone is going to spill red wine down the back of my gorgeous wedding dress.....note to self don't go near anyone with red wine. This would be a disaster waiting to happen.....!!

Now I am sure there are millions of women who organise their wedding while working, but I am struggling to think of anything else but our wedding at my desk. I call it "wedding brain" a condition suffered by brides to be where you can tell them anything and will forget instantly or struggle to talk about anything other than their wedding. Now this condition can be very serious and affect others as well, some think it's contagious!!! You must be careful around these women as you may catch it too and this may upset lots of partners...due to the anticipation of a proposal!!! By being aware of this condition you can be prepared, for example always have tissues ready and always wear water proof mascara as a prominent side effect from getting "wedding brain" are tearful out bursts at the drop of a hat.....!!!As may also notice the wedding glow not to be confused with the pregnant glow, two very different types of glow....I can assure you!!! This is where a newly engaged women will constantly be smiling like a Cheshire cat and often be gazing at her sparkling hand. Brides to be will also suffer from verbal diarrhoea which happens when strangers ask about the big day!!!  When verbal diarrhoea kicks in the regular notions of time are also suspended causing others to be delayed as a direct impact of talking to you!! If you are a stranger you should avoid asking any questions even slightly connected to weddings. Although that is not a hard and fast way to stop verbal diarrhoea for certain as even eye contact with a bride to be can cause it.

Another issue is compulsion that brides to be get with "wedding brain" which can cause the need to buy hundreds of wedding magazines and make lots of mood boards and scrap books. Depending on how bad "wedding brain" has taken hold of the bride to be, she may allow the groom to look if she has only got mild "wedding brain" but as a groom you must be under no illusion that you may not offer any thoughts or suggestions as this may cause a "wedding brain" tearful outburst which I alluded to earlier.

Now as I am suffering from mild "wedding brain" myself and I just looked at the clock and the notion of time has been suspended while writing this so must dash but a quick note to brides to be you will suddenly get what I am talking about when it gets to 7 days before....toodddleeeeeeeesssssssssss xxx

Ps. Good Luck