Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Mini New Yorker.....pretty in pink

My PINK nails
So as my reputation proceeds me as a lover of all things pink I thought I would continue to live up to it by painting my nails a very bright pink which I got free from Cosmo. I think that as I now have started growing my nails then I should have as much fun with the colours to keep it interesting.

My PINK headphones
I decided to paint them today in preparation for my hospital over night stay as I it's nice to be pretty in pink even  if I am going to be under a general for some of it. I have spent a lot of time in and out of hospital recently and have more visits planned I think its important to remember my style and fashion sense even with dialysis tubes in my tummy and scares all over me from my operations I have had since I was brought in since May. I also like the idea of these nail wraps things and as I am going to the Olympic Semi Final of the Mens football I think it would be fun to get Some GB nail wraps and possibly a GB lip tattoo (which are temporary) I may even push the boat out (a pun as I am watching the Olympic rowing-haha I am hilarious) and a blue wig just to get into the patriotic spirit. I am actually looking forward to it now. I hadn't actually bought any tickets but I got given some. So as I missed on the Jubilee celebration as I was in hospital for all of it I think it would have been a shame to miss out and its an excuse to dress in a silly out fit....!! I am going to go shopping tomorrow to find the wig and nail and lip things....!! I had a look at wigs on line because just to get an idea but I also had a thought as apparently I may loose some of my hair when I have my kidney transplant as it's a side effects of the drugs so I may do a "Samantha" from SATC and try lots of different wigs as I love my hair but if it does happen I might as well have a bit of fun and wear some cool wigs.....!!! May go blonde as they always have fun....apparently!!!

It's hard for me as normally you wouldn't even catch me in jeans or any casual clothes. However I can't keep lifting  my dress up and flashing my pants every time I would need to do dialysis so I have had to wear jeans and tops but I soon will be able to go back to my glamorous self and my old style of the 1950's, retro and Hollywood glamour and all things that will be a bit of a head turner. I remember when I was working and I had a bit of a thing for funky tights and I had quite a few people turn to look as I walked past while I was walking by the castle. I was out the other day and I was waiting to cross the street at the traffic lights and a bloke shouted out of his window "look at her tights" I looked at my mother in-law and laughed!! I think what's the point in blending in why not stand out!! 

Any way enough about my pink nails as I have to dash .....I need my eight hours beauty sleep.  xxxxx